Feeding a community 

Near the community of Korah, is a school called Baslios.  This is a government run school, that hundreds of kids who live in the trash dump attend.  The needs are great at this school, as one can imagine.  When we heard that many of the kids were fainting at school due to starvation, we knew we needed to do something about it.


We are so excited to begin this feeding program in Korah and are incredibly grateful for the donors that have made it possible for us to build the center.  We have partnered with Hand in Hand, a local ministry on the ground in Korah, to be able to feed up to 50 kids a meal each day.


Our future goal is to build our own school, and transfer the kids from the feeding program to our new school, and then opening up spots for more children in Baslios to be fed each day.  


It costs $30 per month to feed a child a meal every day, likely being their only meal.  This is where we need your help! Please help us in our efforts of feeding a child and sign up to feed a child each month.  This is an amazing opportunity to Give so that a child can Live!

Tekabe Birhanu

Hand in Hand Ministry Director

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